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Ripcurl Womens E-Bomb Pro Buoy Vest

Ripcurl Womens E-Bomb Pro Buoy Vest

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Experience peak performance and comfort with the Women's E-Bomb Pro Buoy Vest. Its ultimate flex segmented buoyancy technology ensures unrestricted movement, while the ergonomic design guarantees a snug fit for optimal comfort. With an additional flex zone through the lower lumber, you'll enjoy increased freedom of movement on the water. The vest's drainage system keeps you lightweight and comfortable, and the single buckle and kidney belt provide a secure fit. Made with E5 neoprene and featuring seamless underarms, this vest is perfect for wakeboarders looking to elevate their game. Get ready to ride with confidence and style.

Features: Ultimate flex segmented buoyancy for ultimate performance, Ergonomic Design Engineered for the ultimate in comfort, Flex performance Additional flex zone through lower lumber to increase riders range and freedom of movement. Drainage system, Single Buckle, Kidney Belt, E5 Neoprene, Seamless Underarm.

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